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So, you have searched for the terms “Artist Development”, “Talent Development,” “Talent Management,” “Artist Management,” and “Artist Manager” and have stumbled across the Granted Records website. Except Granted Records is not like any artist development company you have ever seen. Why is that? Because, we think outside of the box. Granted is not just an artist manager, Granted is your business partner. We are with you and support you every step of your way to your dreams. We grant you three wishes: Learn. Record. Become.

Granted Records

Who is Granted Records? First and foremost the team at Granted Records love music. Every single person at Granted Records understands the esoteric qualities of sounds and their ability to express emotions and ideas beyond words and pictures. We know that each person can assemble a string of sounds and rhythms that are unique to them, and unique to their soul. We recognize that every one of us is an absolute single entity, and music is a testament to this. If you are still with us at this point, you are who we are looking for.

Photo by  Rosie Kerr

Photo by Rosie Kerr

Human Beings are Master Creators

Every single one of us comes into this world with our own set of talents and skills. These talents and abilities are put to work to create the life we yearn for. Creation is not just pieces of art or music; creation is engineering, architecture, business owners, writers, programmers, designers, gardeners, farmers and even factory workers. Human beings are master creators, and we are only happy as long as we are creating.

You, reading this right now, love to create music. Your wish is to pursue a life of creating music, but also to be able to survive doing so. Granted Records can grant you that wish. Let’s go back to the three wishes of Learn, Record and Become. We believe these are essential stepping stones to achieve success.


Granted Record’s first love is music, but our second love is building a brand. As part of our Artist Management program, we first try to Learn who you are. This process will also help you learn who you are, and what makes you unique. What life experiences are you bringing with you? What will make you stand out?

Why have you chosen this path, and who do you want to reach? Do you want to inspire or do you want to entertain? All of these are essential questions to answer. Without understanding where you are now, you cannot visualize where you are going and how you are going to get there.

Learning also has to do with learning about your musical talent. You probably come to us already musically talented and experienced, but interacting with other musicians and artists will push you to learn even more. Granted Records will provide you with that environment. Your wish to learn is Granted.


Our Artist Management program continues with the recording process. Granted Records has ten years of recording, tracking and producing records. We have always kept up with new technologies and techniques to give you that highest quality sound you have been looking for. Our producers work with you to make sure the final product is exactly what you envision. Furthermore, we offer our experience and advice to augment your musical talent and create a product that exceeds your expectations.

If you feel that you need a particular type of instrument or sound, our team can provide it through our network of brilliant studio musicians. Is your wish to have the best produced EP or Album? Consider your wish Granted.


Becoming is the final part of our Artist Management program. However, it is also the part of the program that is unique to Granted Records. Building a brand online is not easy. Being able to stand out in the midst of so much noise and clutter of social media takes patience and experience. But because we have understood who you are and what makes you unique, we can create and promote your brand successfully.

Everyone will tell you that social media is the way to go. And while we agree to some extent, it should not be your only strategy. Not only are you at the whims of the algorithms on each platform, but new platforms are forming every day. The only place you have that is sincerely yours is your website. Your website will be the focus of your online presence and personal brand.

Photo by  Chris Curry

Photo by Chris Curry

Content Marketing

Through the website, we attract traffic from search engines through content marketing. We will also use this content marketing to draw traffic from social media platforms. We will also convert this content into videos to be shared on video sharing sites to attract traffic from there. All this traffic funneled in is to serve one purpose; build an email database.

Your email database is the number one most important asset. Nobody can take this away from you. Email marketing gives you the opportunity to directly communicate with your fans and individuals that have already shown an interest in you.

Creating an online presence might seem easy, but it’s not. There is a technical aspect to it that if not done right, the results will be disappointing. Granted Records is highly experienced technically in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Digital Marketing fundamentals, and is offered as part of the Artist Management program.

All of these activities build brand awareness. Our content marketing efforts will also focus on Public Relations through press releases, music videos, and promotional videos to reach the maximum amount of potential customers. Building an audience in this manner will allow you to fill seats at concerts, which is your ultimate goal as a paid artist and entertainer. Your third wish is now Granted.

Live Online Performances

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and many other social media platforms provide livestream services. However, not many offer monetization for live concerts for performing artists. One of the most popular platforms for online performances is StageIt, but they take a large commission. Granted Records is working on its own platform that its artists will be able to use to reach a larger audiences without the need to go on the road for touring. Not only is this easier on the artist, but it is also much more profitable. Gone are the days of driving from city to city to market your music. Now, potential fans will find you online (through our content marketing efforts) and will be able to watch you live in addition to interacting with you—helping you build your audience even further.

It is important to note that having this type of artist management under one roof as Granted Records is extremely efficient and agile. You will have access to all our resources quicker than with any other organization. And since everyone meets you together and understands who you are and what you are all about, everything is created and promoted with a unified message; strengthening your brand and allowing you to stand out.

No one else is offering such a package with the performing artist in mind. Your wish of growing your audience globally is Granted.

Granted Records’ Final Wish

As we move more into a digitally connected world with 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), and the blockchain, it is essential to have someone on your side that will monitor future trends and make sure you are ready to take advantage of new technologies and new mediums of communication. Our final wish is that you are entirely satisfied with all of our efforts in helping you achieve your goals through our unique and unconventional Artist Management program. If you have reached all the way here, check out our reviews to back up what we are saying, and drop us a line here. We can’t wait to meet you.

Meet the Team

Emo Alaeddin

Emo Alaeddin

Emo Alaeddin

CEO and Founder of Granted Records

Emo has been playing and creating music since he was nine years old. He is self-taught and began with the piano, progressing to the bass then the guitar. However, his voice and singing have always been a central part of his craft; it is what he is known for. Having trained under the top vocal coach in the world, Ron Anderson, he has become one of the top rock singers in Southern California.

The Granted Records culture of Learn. Record. Become comes from his life experiences and successes with music. Emo is an award-winning singer/songwriter and travels the world playing music to fans in Europe and China. He uses social media and streaming technology to be able to support himself creating music.

Emo has also been recording and producing his own records since 2009, and this comes after ten years of apprenticing under renowned mixers and producers such as Warren Riker. As a recording artist, you will be able to work directly with Emo to produce the song/record you have always dreamed of. Emo’s work ethic is inspiring and the results are evident with the numerous artists he’s produced. You’ll find over 40 5-Star reviews of his services via the Granted Records website. Finally, Emo has an acute hearing for great music.  He is a master at hearing the intricate nuances in recordings, and will make sure you have the best product possible.

In addition to Emo’s work as a producer, he is chief songwriter, producer, and vocalist for his originals band Alaeddin.


Guy Babusek

VP, Artist Development Head

Guy Babusek

Guy Babusek

Bio here


Hazim Alaeddin

Marketing Director

Hazim is a long time entrepreneur and marketer. He has built brands from the ground-up to compete with industry giants, such as in the telecommunications industry. Hazim has always been into technology at an early age, especially into early computers and how they work. This interest in computers evolved into computer networking and wireless technology where he leveraged these technologies to benefit businesses and consumers.

A fan of future technology trends, Hazim dedicates himself to learning about cutting-edge techniques in SEO and Digital Marketing. Proving this dedication, Hazim went back to earn a degree in digital marketing and is now applying these fundamentals to progress Granted Records’ artists. In addition to technical know-how and knowledge, Hazim is a prolific writer for a range of websites and blogs, and several of his articles appear on the first page of Google—which is exactly where you want to be. He works with artists to attract traffic from search engines, social media platforms, and other key online sources. If you want potential customers and fans to find you, you will be happy to have Hazim on your side. Not only will he help you to build an audience, he will show you how to develop a long-lasting relationship with your fans too.

Hazim believes that to be able to speak and promote on behalf of artists, he must be able to understand what the creation process entails. So, he has recently picked up the guitar and practices every day in order to relate more to the artist that Granted Records represents. He takes artists management very seriously, and so does everyone else at Granted Records.

This rock star team will help you achieve your rock star dreams. So, what are you waiting for? Begin your journey here or continue below.

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Focus on your music, we'll take care of the rest...

The mind of a musician is a delicate thing; it's nearly impossible to balance creativity and business-sense. If you focus too much on one, the other suffers. Additionally, without the proper experience and knowledge in the ever-changing world of online marketing especially as it pertains to music, it's near impossible to make a living with your music.

Granted Records' online management department offers musicians a unique service that allows the musician to focus on creating, recording, and performing their material. Whether you want a continuous management service or campaign-based for album launches, tour promotions, etc we will be able to help you.

Our staff will take care of website design, social media enhancements and posts, Facebook ads, the drafting monthly newsletters, mailing list management, SEO, and the store management. 

But the truly remarkable service we provide is exposure to new fans without having to pay for advertising! Content marketing is a big part of a company's successful marketing plan, and here at Granted Records we apply those same successful strategies to our artists. 

Our marketing is well equipped to design and put in place a strategy that will find you real fans. Paying fans. Fans that will appreciate the work that you do. 

Gone are the days of selling records in the conventional sense. We are proficient at generating a revenue stream for your music that will be profitable and sustainable for years to come without ever having to go on tour (if you don't want to).

We offer this unique service to artists worldwide. If you're ready to finally earn a living in the complex digital world of music, set up a free consultation by phone or Skype by filing out the form below or call us at 657.223.5737


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