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Eric Henderson Added to Granted Records' Artist Management Roster

Eric Henderson, concert guitarist and composer

Eric Henderson, concert guitarist and composer

Trained by the master of the classical guitar Andres Segovia, Eric Henderson is a guitar virtuoso and composer who covers a vast repertoire with technical mastery and passionate delivery. He has performed internationally. To hear his music click on the image or here to visit his site.

Granted Records is proud to have Eric added to their roster of artist to promote and enhance his online presence. 

Granted Records unique artist management service offers musicians a unique service that allows the musician to focus on creating, recording, and performing their material. 

Their highly trained staff will take care of website design, social media enhancements and posts, Facebook ads, the drafting monthly newsletters, mailing list management, SEO, and the store management. 

For more information on Granted Records' artist management site click here

Grand Daddy Jack Records in Studio

Grand Daddy Jack - a SoCal Jazz Experience;  Photo by Jon Haverstick

Grand Daddy Jack - a SoCal Jazz Experience;  Photo by Jon Haverstick

Granted Records welcomed Grand Daddy Jack into their brand new studio September 25 to record a couple tracks. 

The 9-piece jazz band chose Granted Records as their recording studio due to its ability to track all seven members simultaneously. 

Photo by Chloe Atnip

Photo by Chloe Atnip

"I'm thrilled to welcome Grand Daddy Jack to the studio," excitedly states owner Emo Alaeddin. "Bringing in such a populous band displays the versatility of the studio and showcases the crystal clear sounds that our state of the art equipment can display."

Grand Daddy Jack live in studio. 

Grand Daddy Jack live in studio. 

rand Daddy Jack is a Southern-Californian jazz band offering performances for weddings, corporate events, private parties, and high-end lounges and restaurants. 

ranted Records is a recording studio, music school and audio production house located in Santa Ana. To book studio time click here 

The Alaeddin Trio To Release its EP and Perform in Germany Same Day

After a long month in the studio producing, tracking, mixing, and mastering the 5 song EP, The Alaeddin Trio has emerged with their first recorded product. 

Photo by  Jon Haverstick    Pictured: Louie Jr. (Left), Emad Alaeddin (Center), Joe Turner (Right)

Photo by Jon Haverstick

Pictured: Louie Jr. (Left), Emad Alaeddin (Center), Joe Turner (Right)

The trio is fronted by songwriter and producer Emad Alaeddin on bass. Joe Turner lends his strengths on drums and Louie Jr completes the power rock trio on guitars.

In case you're wondering who the lead vocalist is, it's both neither and all of them. The idea behind this album was to not have any one singer as the main vocalist. The result is certainly something to be curious about. 

With a release date of only a few weeks away, The Alaeddin Trio has released a brilliant cover of "Pure Imagination" made famous by Gene Wilder in the classic film "Charlie & the Chocolate Factory" at the Soundcloud link and the Youtube link.

The Alaeddin Trio will be performing at the Rockwood Music Festival in Germany on the same day that their EP is released everywhere digitally. 

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