Jaimz Mallett on Granted Radio - Episode 2

Emo Alaeddin and Hazim Alaeddin interview Jaimz Mallett for Granted Radio. Born in the backwoods of Mississippi, Jaimz Mallett began his musical journey atop the aggravated cords of heavy and southern rock at a juvenile age. He spent most his teens in Memphis, TN where he was classically trained in a wide range of musical disciplines. With his bluesy surroundings, and the life experiences of not many his age, Jaimz vastly developed into an organic artist whose outlook on life seeped through his writings and voice. As a band member, Jaimz received vocal coaching from renowned industry vets, who gladly took him under their wing simply because of his undeniably raw talent. Jaimz truly found his style, after a stint in the army. He came out of the service with the soul of Jimi, the style of Lenny, and the beats of Three 6 Mafia. Jaimz Mallet, now widely known as Jai.Mal is at a point in his career where it has all come together personally, professionally and musically. Through the guidance of his mentors, whose years of experience has helped him turn this gift into a functioning business, Jai.Mal now has the ability to be a solo RnB star, a world class guitarist and rocker, and an industry beat maker with hits that won’t stop!

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